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I love on the clock
By JESSE MEIDA on 01/20/2017
Best system for my small staff to use! Thank you!

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Thank you Jesse! ~dm

Saves me a lot of time!
By Ellen P Jones on 01/19/2017
On The Clock is such a great solution for keeping track of employee hours and has saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Great Solution
By Chris on 01/18/2017
On The Clock has worked our great for us. Since we have a mix of onsite and remote employees, having a web based solution like this allows us to easy track everyones time. And, running payroll is quick and easy.

I love On The Clock!!!
By Derek on 01/10/2017
I love this program, I love the app.... Everything is so simple to use!! I will never change to anyone else!

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Thanks for the positive review!!!

Great service for small and large business alike
By Doug on 01/09/2017
I started using On The Clock several years ago when I managed a small company of about 15 employees. On The Clock made it so much easier so when I started my own company, I immediately turned to On The Clock. This is a great service that makes payroll a breeze! (P.S. I Love the text message alert when employees punch in and out!)

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Thanks Doug!

I love On The Clock
By Gary Nunn on 01/05/2017
I absolutely LOVE On The Clock. I love it so much I have told 2 of my clients to use it. One actually switched and is now using it and he couldnt be happier. Wonderful software!

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Thank YOU Gary! ~Dean

Great System
By John on 01/04/2017
Easy to use by employee and employer. Record retention, availability and methods of output are very professional.

Very user friendly
By Tina on 01/02/2017
I find On The Clock very user friendly. The most impressive thing I have experienced is the willingness of the company to meet my individual needs. I have asked about options and they have actually created new choices that work for my company. Best Customer Service I have experienced in a long time.

Good service
By Tim Johnson on 12/29/2016
Sometimes the software is a bit awkward, but other than that, good product, good value.

Great Program
By Stacy on 12/23/2016
We have been using this program for several years. We only needed the basics but we have gotten that and much more. Convenient for everyone no matter where they are . . . easy to use . . . dependable.

Works Great for Remote Workers
By mom4td on 12/21/2016
I use On The Clock to manage hourly remote employees. It works great!

Use them again
By Katie Vines on 12/20/2016
So glad you were recommended to me and we have used you for the last year.

Great Service
By Sarah Hensley on 12/19/2016 has saved me so much time and simplified our timecard procedure. It has also be integral in keeping employees accountable and providing an audit trail for tardiness, tracking PTO, etc.

Its reliable and easy to use
By Rob Werner on 12/15/2016
Its reliable and easy to use

Convenient Time Keeping
By Damaris on 12/12/2016
Easy to use. Easy to track.

Accurate and dependable
By Laura Haynes on 12/09/2016
This has been a great solution for us! Employees can record their time from their desk. System has been accurate and dependable. I would highly recommend.

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Thanks Laura! ~dm

By Michelle on 12/07/2016

!! Life made simple !!
By Bo88Y on 12/02/2016
Very unique and business friendly application. The service is a timesaver and has both the employer and employee in mind.

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Thanks!! ~dm

On The Clock
By Ron on 11/30/2016
Is on the mark as far as manageing all my employees. The amount of money I have saved based on the hours reported before and now more than pay for the program

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Thanks Ron!

Good Job
By Spring on 11/29/2016
The site is very east to navigate .there are so many tools that can help everyday . I would like to be able to customize the pay dates and vacation tabs . However I feel its a great site . Thank you

A great time saving solution at a reasonable price!
By TJ on 11/23/2016
Being a small company, we had never invested in a time clock that would calculate hours individually. Everyone clocked in and out and I had to manually calculate their time each payday. This is a wonderful solution that totally eliminates the time and potential for error that comes with manual calculation. I enthusiastically endorse On The Clock as a payroll adjunct!

Good for the money
By pat on 11/21/2016

Simple and easy!!
By Brian on 11/18/2016

By SAS on 11/18/2016
Staff always very helpful

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Thanks Sas!

Best Move Ever
By EyeDoc on 11/17/2016
Regret not signing up years earlier! Boss & staff both love the ease of use.

super simple
By John on 11/16/2016
super simple

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Well Said! Thanks

Enhancement Request
By Traci Beck on 11/14/2016
I love the user friendly system. I would like some improvements on the scheduling. 1. More colors to choose from 2. Ability to print schedule with the different colors 3. If someone is off, I would love it if we could have a "Off Day", "Holiday" or "Vacation" symbol or something to place instead of the shift hours. 4. Ability to accrue vacation hours on all hours worked instead of just Regular hours worked.

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Thank you for your input Traci! ~DM

5 Stars
By Katie on 11/10/2016
5 Stars

By Stephanie on 11/08/2016
All in all its a great site to track time cards, etc. feel the PTO request could be streamlined a little better, no option to approve time off without pay.

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Thank you Stephanie! ~ the OTC Team

Very good time clock system
By Melissa Rock on 10/28/2016
This is a very easy and accurate time clock system. Reasonably priced and user friendly.

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Thanks Melissa!

Very Useful
By Actn on 10/27/2016
Very Useful

Great Software
By Matt Sturgeon on 10/27/2016
Great software easy to use. Lots of fetchers. easy to export to my payroll service. easy to see if some one is going to be in overtime. all this for small fee and a must have for any one who wants to track employees.

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Thanks Matt!

Security -
By Cheryl on 10/24/2016
It is too easy for employees to falsify time cards. Clocking in from home or phone when they are not at work.

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Hi Cheryl, we have many controls to stop this, such as GPS Geofencing, IP restrictions, device and browser authorization. Please reach out to us and we can help! ~DM

Exactly what we need
By Vii on 10/14/2016
Every section is easy to use for employees, managers and administrators. Daily use, corrections, time off, reporting, staffing changes, all easy to process and for a great price.

Great Service
By JP on 10/12/2016
Easy, straight-forward service that is convenient and works the way it should. You guys are doing a great job!

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Thank you JP!

Good Software & Easy To Use
By Maggie on 10/11/2016
We have been using On The Clock for about 15 months. It has made payroll easier to prepare and the backup for it is saved. My employees do have a difficult time remembering to clock in. However, the old system which relied on people recording their own hours on paper apparently overpaid them. Most of my employees are now paid on average 3-4 hours less per week than when it was on the honor system. It is also obvious when someone is late to work.

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Thanks Maggie, ~Dean

By Debra Moreland on 10/05/2016
This is a great system. I never have any issues. I would recommend this site to anyone.

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Thanks Debra!

At Last...A User-Friendly, Reliable and Convenient Time Card System!
By Felipe on 10/04/2016
We have been using OnTheClock for more than 5 years now. We are very happy with its features and easy-to-use platform. Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

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Glad to hear!

By SEBASTIAN MAZZOLA on 10/02/2016

Easy to Use and very Cost Effective
By Alison on 09/26/2016
The service is very easy to use and the cost for a small office like ours is great! I would highly recommend On the Clock to a small office who needs good back office support.

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Thanks Alison!

Excellent tool for small business timekeeping
By Zam on 09/23/2016

Very Helpful
By Ohio Women's Health on 09/22/2016
Great service!!!

Simple simple simple
By Susan on 09/21/2016
I just love the ease of pulling and printing the timesheets. I do payroll remotely for a small medical group. The online capabilities makes the process simple and quick.

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Hi Susan, Thank you for your feedback! ~DM

GREAT program at an affordable price
By Marcy on 09/20/2016
On the Clock is extremely user-friendly and does everything we need it to as a small business. It has saved us tons of time and money over our previous "antique" paper timecards! Definitely recommend!

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ty Marcy, ~the OTC team

Simple Time Clock
By BRB on 09/19/2016
Great Platform. Easy to use. The only thing I would ask is a way to attach a message to employees when emailing them their time cards.

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Great Suggestion, look for this soon! ~dm

Keeping honest
By Tamara Garner on 09/12/2016
Keeping honest

Easy to use, no problems
By Emily on 09/09/2016
The site appears a little dated, but everything works and it works well. I use this to keep track of our employees and have had no problems so far. Great Price.

Works - but could use some more options
By Cyndie on 09/08/2016
I hate that I have to have a separate email for each company, I only need one email in my business life! It could use some more options when using auto lunch clock outs.

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Hi Cyndie. We appreciate your feedback, we have some new lunch break features in the works now. ~DM

Time Cards Made Easy
By Christy on 09/05/2016
As the head of HR, OnTheClock is a valuable tool. I dont know what I would do with out it. I really like the user friendly features and that they are always striving to improve the product.

Pretty Good
By Sandra on 09/02/2016
Its pretty good, does the job.

By LEISHA on 09/01/2016
This is very user friendly!!!!

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Thank you Leisha! ~The OnTheClock Team

A real time saver
By Judy on 09/01/2016
This is very easy to collect total hours.

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Great Program
By Cole on 08/29/2016
Easy to use and user friendly. I dont have that many employees but Will continue with their program as I grow

Great application
By Pete on 08/26/2016
Great application

Keeps everyone in check
By Hugh on 08/23/2016
Simple to use - fast - inexpensive

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Thanks Hugh!

Awesome system
By Jennifer Ray on 08/22/2016
Love it

Good product
By Don on 08/19/2016
Good product

Great JOb
By Fernando Perez on 08/16/2016
Good Platform should provide more info on how to connect time card data to Quickbooks online.

On The Clock is perfect
By Jon on 08/12/2016
On The Clock provides a simple time clock that all my employees and managers easily understand. There are many advance features that I havent even needed to use. It is quick to set up, quick to get vital information from, and quick to update without any hassles. The company is continuously updating the product with new features so you know they are actively maintaining the program. I reviewed many time clocks most too expensive for my needs and too much work to use. Simple but effective and at a reasonable price.

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Thank you Jon for the kind words!

Made my job easier!
By Barb on 08/09/2016
On the Clock has made my job as payroll manager much easier. When it comes time for paychecks, On the Clock has already done all the work for me. Even our most computer challenged employees caught on easily!

A Real Time Saver
By Janella Zautner on 08/03/2016
Adding to our warehouse systems has automated our time tracking for each employee and has made our record keeping so much more accurate and efficient! The PTO request function is fantastic as well! We couldnt be more happy with the results!

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Awesome! Were happt to hear that Janella!

easy and inexpensive
By Kiersten Neal on 08/02/2016
I love On The Clock. We are a small business and it is simple and inexpensive to use.

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Thank you for the kind words Kiersten!

Great time clock.
By Manatee on 08/01/2016
This time clock is easy to use. Great customer service, fast response. Highly recommend for any business.

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Thank you! The OnTheClock Team:)

Great Product
By Margaret on 07/29/2016
This product is a nice improvement to our department. It is easy to run time sheets at the end of every week and also easy for the employees to use to clock in and out. I have been very pleased with On The Clock.

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Thank you!

Very Good Service/Information
By Donnie Mallard on 07/28/2016
This program is perfect for my small business. Would definitely recommend it to everyone with less that 50 employees.

great service for time keeping
By Lynn on 07/27/2016
Ive used "On the Clock" for a total of 6 years now. I stumbled across it working at my previous employer and implemented its use with new employer immediately. It is very easy for employees to use, and "missed" clocks are very easy to correct for managers. I personally dont use it to track PTO, but it has that capability. Hint: I assign each employee their social security no as their password to ensure no "buddy system" on clocking in/out. I highly recommend this system and will be very sad if it ever goes away.

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Thanks Lynn! We have good news, OTC is currently adding functionality to our mobile apps to help prevent buddy punching. We will be sure to notify everyone once this feature is available.

excellent service
By Sherry on 07/22/2016
very convenient for small business.

Easy Clock
By Rachel Thomas on 07/22/2016
Relatively easy. I have yet to explore the full capacity of this website but thus far it does all I need it to do. Has yet to crash and the price is reasonable.

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Thanks Rachel!

Perfect for small businesses!
By Vanessa Gorden on 07/20/2016
I have used on the clock for my hourly employees since I opened my law firm 5 years ago and it works wonderfully! Really appreciate being able to use smart phones and not having to install a machine and worry about badges, etc. Price is very reasonable and the program is intuitive. Highly recommended!

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Thanks Vanessa!

Great service
By Valerie Buck on 07/20/2016
I have one employee and didnt want a time clock or some complicated time clock system that Id have to learn and maintain. On the clock is quick to set up, free for a couple employees and so easy to use, edit time cards, etc. For any growing business, this service is a NECESSITY! Ive looked into so many other online time systems, dont be fooled, this one is the best.

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Valerie thanks for the great review! ~Mark

Good Value, but could use some enhancements
By Jack on 07/20/2016
We have been using OnTheClock for over 2 years now and have come to depend on it to process payroll. We now have over 200 people and OnTheClock is still holding up well for what it does. Some suggested enhancements: 1) Better data extraction options. Currently, we are only able to extract data that is predefined in the export options. We would like access to all data fields. 2) User defined fields to keep track of jobs, sub-jobs, departments, sub-departments, etc. 3) Automated reporting - it would be nice to be able to schedule reports to run periodically without user intervention. The reports could be dropped to an FTP site or emailed automatically. All-in-all, this is a good product for the price.

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Hi Jack, thank you for the kind words! Your timing is perfect. We are currently reviewing additional reporting export formats and are taking suggestions from our users. If you have a specific requirement(s) please reach out to our support group and let us know your needs. ~Mark

excllent Program
By Daves House on 07/15/2016
I have used this service for 2 years and it is constantly improving. The mobile app is great. Great for time keeping and location of my staff.

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Thank you!

We love "On the Clock!"
By Betty on 07/14/2016
This application was perfect for our small business. No fuss, No cost, just great service! There were many choices when we looked into an online timeclock, and Im thankful we chose this one.

Beats the old mechanical time clock anyday
By Tex on 07/12/2016
As a small business owner with 5-6 people I used to trust that everyone worked 8 hours a day when they say they work 8 hours a day. I did not want to buy a time clock so I search and found on the clock. It turned out no one worked 8 hours a day. One comes in late, one takes a long lunch, one leaves early, etc. This program gives me the exact hours for payroll, helps me see whos a hard worker. It evens tells me whos in or out during the day.

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Thanks Tex! ~dm

Great product
By Courtney on 07/07/2016 is an essential part of our small business. Our employees like the ease of use and functionality and as the payroll administrator, I appreciate the record keeping functions.

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Thank you for the review! ~DM

By shawn on 07/06/2016
easy to use

Super Easy to Use!
By Lori on 07/05/2016
After looking around for an online time clock for our small retail business, we felt On The Clock was the best option for us. Its easy, convenient and economical! We really love the option to clock in from the app on a phone!

Excellent service
By Anne on 07/04/2016
After extensive research, our company replaced paper time sheets with OnTheClock about a year ago. We set up an old laptop as a punch station and have been very pleased with the service. The program is intuitive and it is easy to set up new employees in the system. The only disappointment was that I misunderstood how the "integrate with QuickBooks" works. We use Intuit Payroll and employee hours do not automatically upload--they have to be manually typed in. Because we have less then 10 employees, this isnt a big deal. Overall, I find OnTheClock to be excellent value for the money and would highly recommend it.

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Thanks Ann for the honest review. We do have direct import into both Quickbooks desktop and online, we will reach out to you about this. ~dm

Good, Not Great
By SPA on 07/02/2016
The grammatical error in their tag line is essentially the core of what On The Clock is as a whole - an efficient, simple system that misses the mark by a hair. The design is old and some of the functionality is not there, but the reporting information stays accurate and secure. So at the end of the day, for $10/month, I wont complain.

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Hi, Thanks for your input! ~dm

Awesome and Convenient
By Jennifer on 07/01/2016
We love the convenience and ease of use with this program. We have some staff that do work from home and we are able to track what hours they are working. Our payroll company loves getting the emails, so much easier than our hand written time sheets.

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We are so glad the system is working for you! - SC

Easy to use
By Sue on 07/01/2016
On the Clock is a vary basic, easy to use, cost effective time clocking system. It is perfect for a single store with less than 25 employees.

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We are glad you enjoy using the time clock! - SC

Makes it so much easier except when the person cant get in
By Angela Weir on 07/01/2016

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Always feel free to reach out to our support team! We are readily available to help you login to your account. - SC

By Cori on 07/01/2016
I Like on the Clock it is fast and EZ

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Thank you Cori! - SC

Easy to Navigate
By Tori on 07/01/2016
The website is simple to use and easy to navigate from an administrators point of view.

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We are glad to hear that Tori! - SC

Easy to use
By Patty on 07/01/2016

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Thanks Patty - SC

We looked for years for something like this. Finally found it here!
By FlexPVC on 07/01/2016
We are a fairly small business and looked for years for a way for employees to clock in and out w/o the hassles or expense of punch cards. Also since we have employees that work from different locations, is a perfect fit. The cost is very reasonable and the system works very well. Makes doing payroll much faster and easier and we pay down to the minute. That alone pays for the monthly fee. (Now watch them jack the price! ;-) They better not.) Overall very happy with OnTheClock and at current prices wed recommend it to anyone without any reservations.

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We are glad you found us! We truly believe in keeping costs reasonable for OnTheClock customers, and we hope to keep you onboard with us - SC

Great site
By Stephanie on 07/01/2016
This site is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Customer service is always prompt with responses to questions. Highly recommend for small businesses!

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We really appreciate your kind words Stephanie! - SC

Good for Mobility
By Human Resources on 07/01/2016
This system works well for watching and maintaining tracking on individuals who work remotely throughout the U.S. It allows me to view their time in and out as well as tracks their PTO with ease. The only issue I have is that each year on their anniversary I must update their information for dates on PTO so that it will stay accurate. It doesnt automatically carry over to the next year.

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We are glad to hear this works well for tracking your remote employees. We appreciate the suggestion for PTO automation, we will put this in our feature request database. The system is designed for you and we are always looking for new ways to make OnTheClock customers lives a little easier. - SC

Great timeclock!!!
By Shane on 07/01/2016

great program and very affordable!
By andy on 06/28/2016
Thank you guys for the support and hard work. I will recommend this to colleagues and friends

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We truely appreciate this! The best compliment is a referral - SC

Great Product
By Dr. Lindsay on 06/28/2016
On the Clock is the best time clock we have used! It is so easy and simple. Im able to make corrections as the administrator, and it makes payroll so much simpler. I would definitely recommend On the Clock!

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Thank you Lindsay! we really appreciate your kind words! - SC

On the clock is a timesaver
By Sid on 06/28/2016
This is such a helpful service. My team can all clock in and out from their smartphone, saving time, paperwork and most of all - saving headaches. Well worth the small monthly fee!

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We are glad we can help save you time ...and headaches! - SC

Easiest - and best time clock we could find.
By Jason M on 06/28/2016
So easy to use, the design is well executed, and intuitive, and have never had a single issue.

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We are glad to hear that! - SC

On The Clock works great for us.
By Walsh Auto Supply on 06/28/2016
This has been a fantastic service for our business, keeps accurate track of employees work time and is easy to use.

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We are glad to hear that the system is working well for your company! - SC

Good Value
By Elsie Valentino on 06/28/2016
Your product does everything that I need it to do for my small business at a really good price and seems to be very reliable.

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Thank you we appreciate your great review! - SC

A Real Time Saver
By John Bryant on 06/28/2016
Easy to use and navigate

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We are glad that the system is working well for you! - SC

Great Basic Online Time Clock but Could be Better
By Roger Deary on 06/21/2016
The On The Clock system is a great basic online time clock but lacks some features that would make it more than basic. The schedule settings should have the ability to create entry/exit allowances to allow employees to clock in shortly before or after their scheduled shift time and have the time calculation rounded to the scheduled times. Also, if an employee punches their lunch/break periods, the auto deduct of these periods should be overridden. Some other tweaks in the system could make this a great system for all users.

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Thank you for your input Roger! ~Dean

Great reliable time clock app. Track able
By Dr Z on 06/21/2016
Best Ive seen. Not to complex but good features.

Time Saver
By AV on 06/20/2016
Easy to use!

On the Clock - A+
By Melinda on 06/17/2016
On the Clock works great for our small office. Very easy for employee to clock in and out and keep up with their hours. Thank you for providing this service.

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Thank you Melinda for your great review! - sc

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