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H&R Block uses our online  timeclock system

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Reviewed by Stacia on 10/06/2015
1) It is easy to use 2) It has streamlined my time spent paying payroll

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ty Stacia, ~dm

Hands Down Best ...
Reviewed by Liz on 10/05/2015
employee time clock Ive used. Having a small office I couldnt justify the crazy expensive monthly cost other companies were asking. has the best of both worlds for small business employee time clocks -- printing, archiving, mobile, PTO management, rules, etc... Really really a great service for an extremely reasonable price. AND they have fantastic customer service - which granted Ive only had to use once ... which I also think is awesome because if an app is good then you shouldnt have to contact customer service, right?! I highly, highly recommend for employee time clock management! Liz

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Thank You sooo much for the review. ~dm

Easy to Use - Highly Recommend
Reviewed by Stacey C. on 09/29/2015
This is a very user friendly, intuitive application. Its easy for our employees to punch in and out and the managers love that they can log in and see whos on the clock. The managers approve the time cards so when I print out paychecks I know their hours have already been confirmed.

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Thank you Stacy!

Excellent option for small office
Reviewed by Leslie on 09/28/2015
Excellent option for small office

Good tracking system
Reviewed by Blondie on 09/27/2015

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