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H&R Block uses our online  timeclock system

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Time Card feature
Reviewed by Lusana Wentwoord on 08/26/2015
This is a good time sheet record system. However, the printing feature only allows me to print for the whole month. I wish I would select a date range period because we pay our employees on a bi-monthly basis rather than once a month.

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Lusana, We do have a bi-monthly pay period option, We will reach out to you to help you get this set up. ~dm

Great for employee clock in
Reviewed by Matty on 08/25/2015
Simple, easy. Can not be manipulated unless admin.

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Thanks Matty! ~dm

Reviewed by Patrick McGinley on 08/20/2015
A wise man once said that one cannot appreciate the value of an education until one is educated. Likewise, you will never appreciate the helpful and time-saving features of On the Clock until you give it a try. I did not know how many hours were wasted by physical time clocks, spreadsheets, emails, record keeping, audit trails, adjustments and all the accoutrements of manual time keeping until we moved to On the Clocks cloud-based system. It does it all, with minimal intervention by management, and with complete accuracy and transparency. Just like you might never convince an uneducated man of the value of an education, this review might never convince you that On the Clocks cloud is better than all the nonsense you do by hand today. But if you just try it, youll never go back. It will become too invaluable to your business.

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Thank you so much Patrick for the extensive review! ~dm

User friendly
Reviewed by Pleased manager on 08/19/2015
Very user friendly and always progressive to improve functionality. Cant wait for a mobile app that is in the works!

Very easy to use
Reviewed by Laura Sigler on 08/17/2015

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