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in a nutshell... Employees punch in and out, You get time cards for payroll

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John Gentile said...
outstanding.. i will never change great company and product

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thank You John!
Hate this new "Chat Now" on screen
Betty-Lou said...
I have contacted On The Clock via "Chat Now" to find out how to remove the "Chat Now" .........and found out that it cannot be removed. This is annoying to me........

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Hi Betty, We appreciate your annoyance and are working to allow you to remove the chat button. Thank you for your patience. ~dm
Gp said...
Corny as that sounds, OnTheClock helped us immensely to track a wide range of employees in our Theatre Company who work all sorts of odd hours at various locations. They are able to log in and out from their phones and find it much easier to track their time. Many start work away from the theatre or in our set shop and other various locations. This way they can log in and out wherever they are and our Accountant is greatly relieved of the responsibility of tracking everyone down each pay period. It is an inexpensive service providing great service! Yeah, for On-The-Clock!

Reply From OnTheClock.com
Thank you Gp!
Great program!
Toni said...
I went to this electronic program as I had one employee abusing my older system. Now, the times are there and there is no needed discussion. It is easy to use and also easy to correct if mistakes are made in clocking in. For the price, this is by far the best system out there.
Angela said...
I have a small business and cannot say enough how great this online time clock is! Very reliable (better with Microsoft Edge than Chrome for us), and great reports. But, the best part is the price. On the Clock has no competition!
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